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Shopping Slide Decks 

Throughout the course shopping experience, teachers have the opportunity to present their J-Term course to interested students.  All students are able to shop six courses.  This page allows you to revisit the courses you shopped as well as visit the courses you did not have the chance to shop.  While the slide decks are sans instructors, we hope they provide you with enough information to make an informed decision when course registration opens.

Become a Certified SCUBA Diver

Boundless Studio: The Artist Explores

Communal Conversations: An Exploration of Culture in Boston and Westwood

Crazy Culturally Rich Asians

Destination Exploration: A Day In the Life...

Dissecting Disney

Dungeons & Dragons

Farm to Fork: Grow Green, Eat Local

Faster, Better, Stronger: Be Your Own Fitness Pal

Helping Our Community

Hikes and Treks

I'd Rather Be Reading

Is Magic Real?

Learn to Sail

Paddling through the Past: Exploring the History and Literature of Early Massachusetts, in Canoes

Painting with Purpose

Pursuit of Happiness: Analyzing the Concept of Joy

Recharge: Less Stress, More Rest

Shooting For Par: Golf History, Community, and Skills

So You Think You Can Rock?

Spanish Immersion Experience

Star Wars: Return of the J-Term

Stirring and Stitching: Home Ec for the 21st Century

Summit Squad

The Great Outdoors

The Mystery Society: Puzzling Cases and Great Escapes

The World of Videogames

Under the Sea: Methods of Oceanic Research

Unified J-Term


Your Extraordinary World: An Art Making Exploration

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