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About J-Term
Vision Statement

J-Term at WHS provides an opportunity for students to dive deeply into an existing area of interest or explore a new interest during an immersive learning experience of their choosing. J-Term courses are challenging and experiential; they involve, not just inform. Students explore, create, study, think and do. J-Term allows students to experience learning without the external controls that steer much of their education (e.g. classes constrained by bells and achievement measured by a grade). While each J-Term course is unique, all courses culminate in:

  • a final product or performance, and/or
  • a shared experience, and/or
  • a reflection upon what was learned
An Overview

J-Term will take place during the final week of school, following final exams. The tentative dates for J-Term 2023 are June 13th through June 20th, pending any additional snow days. 

The J-Term Steering Committee

The many challenges and demands of developing the J-Term program were met by the members of the J-Term Steering Committee, a group of volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to the program's planning and execution. The members are:

Ms. Borchers

Ms. Clifford
Ms. Davenport

Ms. K Fabiano
Ms. Holmes
Mr. McEachern
Dr. E Miller
Ms. Parks

Mr. Sherr

Mr. Whelan
Ms. Wright


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