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About J-Term
Vision Statement

J-Term at WHS provides an opportunity for students to dive deeply into an existing area of interest or explore a new interest during an immersive learning experience of their choosing. J-Term courses are challenging and experiential; they involve, not just inform. Students explore, create, study, think and do. J-Term allows students to experience learning without the external controls that steer much of their education (e.g. classes constrained by bells and achievement measured by a grade). While each J-Term course is unique, all courses culminate in:

  • a final product or performance, and/or
  • a shared experience, and/or
  • a reflection upon what was learned
An Overview

J-Term will take place during the final week of school, following final exams. The tentative dates for J-Term 2020 are June 15th through June 19th. 

The J-Term Steering Committee

The many challenges and demands of developing the J-Term program were met by the members of the J-Term Steering Committee, a group of volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to the program's planning and execution. The members are:

Erin Warner
Katrina O'Brien
Sean Bevan

Allison Borchers
Katherine Clifford
Amy Davenport
Alison Donahue
Kathrine Egan
Heather Joyce
Nicole Haberman
Kate Holmes
Brian McEachern
Emily Miller
Steve Ouellette
Emily Parks
Jonas Sherr
Caitlin Whelan
Angela Wilson
Fritha Wright