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J-Term 2018 Course Catalog

Dissecting Disney

So You Think You Can Rock?

Painting with Purpose

Psychology of Teamwork and Teambuilding

Expression Through

Music Production

Spanish Immersion Experience

Urban Walking: Exploring Boston's Neighborhoods

Pursuit of Happiness: Analyzing the Concept of Joy

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Horror in Film and Literature

Photography in the Field: Change Your Point of View

All Aboard the Hogwart's Express: A Muggle's Look into the Magical World

The Historical Roots of Hip Hop

Become a Certified SCUBA Diver

Basic Carpentry and Wiring

Crazy Rich (Culturally) Asians!

Catan and Beyond: An Exploration of Strategy Games

The Great Outdoors

Sow the Seeds: How to Start a School Garden

Be a MAKER: Experiments in Sculpture

Faster, Better, Stronger: Be your own Fitness Pal

Top Chef Westwood


The Stories that Connect Us: Race, Class and Gender

Detail Vehicles Like a Professional

Teenagers in TV and Film

Art of the Moving Title

Adulting 101

iTerm: Making J-Term Documentaries

Numbers Game: Analytics and Economics in Sports

Weightlifting/Nutrition 101

Climb Your Family Tree: An Introduction to Genealogy

Summit New England’s Peaks

The World of Video Games

Project Runway:

Own Your Style

Activating Your Inner Activist: Exploring Immigration and Refugees in America

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