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J-Term 2023 Course Catalog
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Bake-Off: The Great Westwood Baking Show 

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Painting with Purpose


Hikes and Treks

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Crazy Culturally Rich Asians

ExtraordinaryWorld - MaryAlice Misuta.jpg

Extraordinary World: A Photography, Poetry and Making Exploration

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The World of Video Games


Down and Dirty Gardening

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I'd Rather be Reading

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Learn to Sail


Farm to Fork: Grow Green, Eat Local

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Star Wars:
A J-Term Adventure

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Faster, Better, Stronger: Be your own Fitness Pal

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Why did the Wolverine Cross the Road?

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Travel, Taste & Explore


Become a Certified SCUBA Diver

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Fashion Week

Key Club - Anne Holzman.png

Helping Our Community, Nourishing Ourselves

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Less Stress, More Rest

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Sports Media

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So You Think You Can Rock?

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The Great Outdoors


Suite Dreams: Architecture and Interior Design


The Mystery Society: Puzzling Cases and Great Escapes 

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Pursuit of Happiness: Analyzing the Concept of Joy

easy-card-tricks-jpg - Jessica Lobsitz.jpg

Is Magic Real?


Summit Squad

Coffee_J-Term - Ryan Branch.jpeg

The Culture of Coffee

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I Love that Song: Why? 


Boundless Studio:
The Artist Explores

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Shooting For Par: Golf History, Community, & Skills

Disney J Term Photo.webp

Dissecting Disney

20170816_165644 (1) - Erin King.jpg

The Secret Life of
[Rescue] Pets

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Dale Carnegie Program

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