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J-Term 2020 Course Catalog
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High School Musical


Painting with Purpose

The Historical Roots of Hip Hop

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Sports Psychology

Urban Walking: Exploring Boston One Step at at Time

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: An Exploration of Horror in Film

Photography in the Field: Change Your Point of View

All Aboard the Hogwart's Express: A Muggle's Look into the Magical World

Activating Your Inner Activist: Green Climate Action for a Sustainable Future


Become a Certified SCUBA Diver

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Basic Carpentry and Wiring


Crazy (Culturally) Rich Asians: Pop Culture, Music, Food, Fashion, Film & More

Legacy Gaming

The Great Outdoors

Detail Vehicles Like a Professional


Seige the Day: Design and Build a Trebuchet

Barbell with Weights

Weightlifting/Nutrition 101

Summit New England’s Peaks

Fashion Week

Climb Your Family Tree: An Introduction to Genealogy

Pursuit of Happiness: Analyzing the Concept of Joy

Close Up

iTerm: Making J-Term Documentaries

Numbers Game: Analytics and Economics in Sports

Why did the Wolverine Cross the Road?: The Art of Writing and Performing Comedy